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March 15, 2022


App Vs Website – Have Both Customized with Ibix Global Tech! 

In the previous years, responsive web design and application development has gone a long way. It is now simpler than ever to build a mobile-friendly professional website with Ibix Global Tech, which is supported on any mobile or computer. A website, however, does not replace an app, and an app does not replace a homepage. They both provide distinct benefits to businesses and can collaborate. 

It may be more beneficial to analyze how a website and an app may operate together rather than whether one should be preferred over the other. There is no need to pick between a website and a mobile app. Have Both Customized with Ibix Global Tech! 

When looking online, users may find it simpler to discover a mobile – friendly website. A website is also easier to develop and maintain from a commercial standpoint. You also don’t require different iOS and Android variants of your business. At Ibix Global Tech, there are a wide range of customized solutions for website and application development, be it a startup or an industry leading business. Developing a website is less expensive and takes less time than developing apps. Nevertheless, an app may provide your company with benefits that a mobile-friendly website cannot. 

Apps for Mobile vs. Mobile Websites 

Building a mobile application for your company with Ibix Global Tech will expand your brand visibility and give a unique channel for recruiting new clients or connecting with current ones. 

  • Through app stores, an application will gain new clients. 
  • An app may make use of the hardware in phones and tablets. 
  • An app may present your consumers with a one-of-a-kind experience. 

A mobile website is an excellent method to begin a relationship with a consumer, and an app may help to enhance existing ones. Mobile applications built with Ibix Global Tech provide you with innovative ways to interact with existing clients while also giving a personalized experience. 

Personalized customer interactions begin with features and capabilities seen on phones and tablets. While HTML5 has gone a long way, making it simpler to create unique interactions, websites cannot track user activity as effectively as apps can, nor can they modify the user experience by utilizing capabilities like as geotargeting and push alerts. 

Your company need a website. Here’s how to make one. 

Creating a company website is essential for informing your customers, explaining your unique selling proposition, increasing brand awareness, and driving sales. To create a business website Ibix Global Tech will first select a domain name and secure web hosting. Then, optimize your website to increase visitors and boost search engine results, while also maintain an up-to-date website that is mobile-friendly. Additionally, we will also verify that your site’s speed is acceptable in order to increase your search engine ranks. 

Professional website software has grown to be simple to use for everyone. You don’t need to know how to code to create an appealing and effective website. Whatever tool you select, you only need to follow a few simple guidelines and recommendations to give your website a professional appearance, make it simple to locate, and present your organization in the best light. Ibix Global Tech has become a professional and provides the best and most affordable website creation services.  

Here’s a step-by-step explanation to how Ibix Global Tech can help you develop an effective company website. 
  1. Identify the major goal of your business.

A business website is typically used to give basic information about the organization or as a direct channel for e-commerce. Whether we construct a basic website that communicates a bit about your organization or a more complicated e-commerce site, the most essential thing we do is state what your firm does – in straightforward terms – on the homepage.  

  1. Choose a website address.

One of the most crucial aspects of any website is its domain name. It’s the URL you’ll share with present and prospective clients, as well as advertise on social media. As a result, it should be descriptive and simple to remember and write in.  

  1. Select a web host.

Every website requires a host — a server where all of its data is kept and accessible to the public at all times. Ibix Global Tech also deals with software and networking security and setup too.  

  1. Create your pages.

A smart website is more than just a single page. Build many pages with Ibix Global Tech while focusing on various elements of your company, such as a full inventory of your products or services or a blog section for corporate updates. We will lead with a clear, simple message that summarizes what your company does. Within seconds of landing on your webpage, visitors would be able to identify what you do.  

  1. Full Audit before Live Site Update

Before putting your website live on the internet, Ibix Global Tech will ensure that it functions in all major web browsers, including Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. We examine each webpage and element in each device to confirm that pictures are shown, links are proper, and the format is easy to navigate through.  

  1. Ibix Global Tech will Use social media to promote your website.

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest are the most effective ways to expand your market exposure and inform clients about what’s occurring on with your organization.  

Ibix Global Tech offers various services, and is the best service provider to create, develop, maintain and promote any website or application.  

How a Website & an Application Collaborate Together with Ibix Global Tech  

Many organizations are integrating mobile-friendly websites and mobile applications have become simple to construct and administer. This mixture can provide you with the finest opportunity to attract new consumers while also providing a unique perspective and personalized content, promotions, and data to your most loyal clients. A popular use is to add wording to your website, encouraging people to download your mobile app. This provides you with an ideal channel for reaching out to individuals, contacting them instantly via push notifications, and utilizing the advantages of a mobile app.