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Identity Theft Protection with Ibix Global Tech

March 2, 2022

Identity Theft Protection 

What exactly is identity fraud?  

Identity theft refers to any deceit, fraud, or scam that leads to loss of private information, such as identities, credentials, bank account information, card details, Security Numbers, and medical IDs, which are then often without your consent to cheat the system and other offenses. 

Identity theft is an annoyance for some customers, and they may swiftly address their issues and regain their identities. For the others, recovery process their own individuality can cost hundreds and even thousands of dollars, take weeks or months to settle, cause significant negative publicity, lead to losing employment opportunities, and even impact the mortgage applications for university, residences, or automobiles because would-be business owners or lending institutions see the loss on their credit histories. Some customers have even been charged with crimes performed by others using their names and have had to establish their innocence. 

How are identities stolen?

Online identity theft takes place when consumers fall for techniques such as cybercrime and self-belief frauds; or install spyware onto their laptops and mobile devices that intercepts their details; use insecure wireless communications; withdraw cash from an Atm that has been fixed with a scanning device that collects your details; share their username and password with questionable people; or have their accounts hacked when data records on businesses, governments, and other organizations are breached.

Identity Theft Prevention  

You’ll be notified through mail or text messages through our application at the first hint of suspicious behavior, thanks to our 24/7 monitoring of your Personally Identifiable Information (PII). 

Spyware and Device Security  

With Ibix global Tech Protection, you can safeguard all of your equipment from malware and spyware attacks, bugs, harmful websites, and fraudsters.  

Credit Tracking at All Times  

We watch your credit scores so you don’t have to—receive fast notifications if there are any updates, concerns, or probable theft on your credit record.  

The Best Identity Protection Services for Individuals and Communities Available 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week  

It takes a lot of time and effort to keep track of your internet persona on your own. With Ibix Global Tech’s complete comprehensive security and recovery plans, you can rest easy knowing that your funds, assets, and identification are being monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  

IGT Identity Protection makes every effort to keep you safe.  

We go above and above the competitors in terms of coverage. There are even more perks, services, and excellent customer service available. 

Select the Most Appropriate Identification Protection Service with Ibix Global Tech   

IGT monitors your accounts with key resource organizations and notifies you if anything suspicious appears. All of them are looking for mentions of your name, Social Security number, credit card account account details on the “deep web” and other places of internet illegal activity. Furthermore, each of Ibix Global Tech’s services provides you notifications by email and Text messages chat. All of them have iOS and Android applications. Finally, only Ibix Global Tech provides two-factor login authentication to secure your account. 

Ibix Global Tech – Leading choice for preventing identity fraud.  

With Ibix Global Tech identity theft protection solutions, we notify you if your personal information has been exploited or if it is in danger due to a security breach. If you are a victim of cybercrime, we also advise you through the process of fixing up the mistakes and recovering your identification, as well as paying you for your expenses.  

Safeguards vary, but most include special protections for your security and other operations. Ibix Global Tech’s finest premium service is one that matches your schedule and provides the protection you require.