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Barracuda On-Site Solutions

On-site protection for individuals, communications, and connections is provided through easy plug-and-play hardware and digital equipment. On-premises Barracuda solutions are suited for local area networks, branch offices, and IoT-connected devices.  

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The industry leader's enhanced cloud protection.

Barracuda Networks, a partner of Ibix Global Tech is the only security vendor with two AWS Security Competencies, both of which have been evaluated and verified to improve customers’ AWS security. Barracuda makes use of built-in AWS cloud capabilities, is GovCloud certified, is a member of AWS’ ATO programme, and provides license to match your cloud implementation.  

Products for Connectivity and Information Protection

With dynamic routing, task scheduling, SD-WAN capabilities, and Data encryption, Barracuda network and network firewalls assure the dependability and uptime of all network services, applications, and IoT-connected devices. Advanced threat prevention offloads CPU-intensive operations like sandboxing to the secure Barracuda cloud, preventing attacks like ransomware from reaching your network while maintaining network speed. 

Cloud & hybrid network security

Barracuda Cloud Application Security is an integrative system that connects a full range of compatible technologies to provide total security features.  Get full security for on-premises and multi-cloud deployments with the built-in network and for the cloud. Cloud-hosted Advanced Threat Protection identifies and stops advanced threats such as zero-day and ransomware assaults. 

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