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IP Devices from Fanvil with Ibix Global Tech

Devices from Fanvil are great for VoIP customers looking for a dependable, budget option that won’t damage! Fanvil covers a diverse range of VoIP phone options, from entry-level SIP phones to business IP phones, to match your demands. Fanvil IP phones come with a variety of capabilities, including EHS compatibility, HD voice, PoE support, and embedded colour screens.


Perfect solution for your business

IP Phone X Series with Ibix Global Tech
Choose Ibix Global Tech for Fanvil IP Phones.

High-Definition Audio The X series provides outstanding audio quality and the finest customer experience in the VoIP business, thanks to the world’s top innovation, premier R&D capabilities and support system, and over 15 years of expertise in voice development.

  • SIP phones that are high-quality, cost-effective, and creative.
  • Multi-screen handsets with a large number of BLF controls.
  • Simple equipment to corporate installations.

Additional Features with Ibix Global Tech

The X series supports more noteworthy features to boost efficiency level: When multiple handsets enroll on a network as a hotspot, they can share the same number; however, each device can acquire an additional extension number and call, connect, teleconference, and much more.

X2, The Professional Contact Center IP Phone X2 features a clean interface, a foot paddle control, and more enhanced tools, making it ideal for call centres. We are committed to offering call centre consumers with superior telecommunications equipment and a positive consumer experience.





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