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Yeastar Cloud PBX with Ibix Global Tech.

Yeastar Cloud PBX is a unified communications platform that offers private branch exchange systems and VoIP gateways to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMBs). Employees may use the system to route calls to any foreign or domestic phone number or extensions, set up call receiving policies, examine call logs, and control voicemail messages. 

Why Yeastar?

Perfect solution for your business

Communication network that is potential
A plethora of productivity-enhancing features
Simple configuration & administration
Services for Strong & Effective Solutions
Yeastar Offerings.

Yeastar Cloud PBX has an API that allows enterprises to link the platform with a variety of third-party systems, including Salesforce, SugarCRM, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Zoho, Microsoft Outlook, Skype, and others. It helps telecom companies to locate sales possibilities and analyze ongoing income streams. Gain an advantage over the competitors by merging phone, online chatting, videoconferencing, attendance, and other features into a single platform that provides everything you need for improved communications.  

Phone Systems with Yeastar.

Ibix Global Tech is happy to have collaborated with Yeastar, the world’s top provider of SME PBX Systems, to give you and your company with an economical and sophisticated dedicated telephone network. Yeastar clients benefit from versatile and premium telecommunication services that have been recognized in the market for great innovation and organizational performance on a continuous basis. 

If you want to boost productivity and output to help your business expand by increasing systems integration and collaboration, the Yeastar PBX System, partnered through Ibix Global Tech is simple to use and maintain, allowing SMEs to get more done with less work while benefiting from its powerful capabilities. 

Role-based authorization, an inspection record, backups, offline caching, alerts, and other features are available in Yeastar Cloud PBX. It also has an integrated business phone system, allowing customers to optimize processes such as call routing, direct inward dialing (DID), blacklisting, and more with Ibix Global Tech as an official partner. 

Yeastar PBX Phone System Advantages

Yeastar PBX Solutions has a long range of enterprise-grade capabilities that include everything you'd want in constant interactions. Some of the primary perks and capabilities you get with its Linkus App (desktop and mobile) include:

Never miss a call again
HD Voice Calling
File Sharing
CRM Integration




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