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Make the most of Big Data Virtual

Data Analysis Technical Assistance for Business on Alibaba Cloud.  

Analyze large quantities of data from Omni channel marketing, demand forecasting and trend modeling, systems integration, and brand loyalty to make better business decisions. 

Our Alibaba Cloud consultants deliver merchants a compact and customized data consulting service to assist you evaluate your big data development and plan your future data path. 

Created with a focus on rapid success

Specialization in Industry 

Because of Alibaba's constant innovation and customer service, we've developed unique approach for retail digitization based on years of best practices and turned it into a certified consultancy services. 

In order to help you select situations based on the significance and necessity of your company, Ibix Global Tech’s Cloud specialists draw on Alibaba's extensive retail experience. We may create specific plans for certain circumstances to achieve speedy victories for you. 

Getting Started with Cloud Computing

Alibaba Cloud’s philosophy, strategy, and methodologies on retail modernization with big data application use the same advanced technologies as some of the world’s largest shopping events. We can speed up your approach to big data greatness in retail in three simple stages. 


Work with our skilled teams to determine your issues, short- and long-term objectives, and break them down into major commercial models.


Create the to-be big data infrastructure to serve your company's requirements centered on the valuation matrix and Alibaba's retail business processes.


Assess and accelerate the efficacy after deployment, and develop your unique retail advancement best practices using big data technology.

Recommendation Based on Individual Experience

With Alibaba Cloud’s big data systems and innovative artificial intelligence (AI) methods for shopping, sellers can easily suggest product recommendation engines that can provide customized content and other recommendations based on consumer characteristics, interests, and item information in real time; greatly optimizing the consumer experience and increasing sales. 


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