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Automatic Recovery

Data Safety Is Our First Priority. 

Data safety is concern for a lot of businesses irrespective of their size. Making sure that your business runs smoothly especially during a disaster is so much more than just having a cloud backup. Times of disaster are when your system or part of your system stops working and all of your data is at a risk of being completely lost. Times like these are when you should have a backup plan, when you should know what to do.   

Consider backing up your system and servers right now to offer significant finding to your company. Streamline processes using Ibix Global Tech’s super-intuitive user interface, which allows you to accomplish activities with less clicks than the competitors in the market.  


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Best Data Recovery & Backup Solutions 

With only some clicks, Ibix Global Tech eliminates managerial complication. Choose your preferred backup frequency and retention period to implement policies in seconds. Simply relax and enjoy as data regulations are performed after the requirements have been specified. 

To secure your networks, we utilize continuous vulnerability analysis, SSL/AES encryption keys, modification monitoring, multiprocessing transport, and data compression capability verification. 

Services For Data Backup & Recovery

Ibix Global Tech provides data automatic backup solutions that are quick, simple, and easy to use for a wide range of corporate environments, assuring that data is secure, optimized, and well-maintained. 

Data Archiving

With our cloud data archiving feature, archive your data and files and maintain data storage regulatory compliance.

Secure Data Storage

We use certified data centers across the globe for our secure data backups. You can also choose to encrypt your files and data.

Virtual disaster recovery

You can lower computer costs and increase DR efficiency by recovering a physical or virtual server to a virtual machine.

Information Security

We provide cutting-edge multi-cloud information security services to safeguard your data across a large variety of workloads.

Recovery Solutions

We create reliable cloud-based automatic backups that are hosted in our own off-site network infrastructure, datacenter locations, or a mix of systems.

Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS)

We provide disaster recovery and backup-as-a-service (BaaS) solutions which perform complete, sequential, differential, and ongoing backups for massive datasets.


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