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Increase Your Power Over Mail Protection.

Administrators may centrally define procedures and regulations to enforce security and reliability throughout the company with Ibix Global Tech mail security services. You can utilize the following facilities: 

Email Security Functions With Ibix Global Tech

Ibix Global Tech’s email protection programs provide a gateway for encrypted messaging exchanges. We use multi-layer classification algorithm and intelligence to prevent fraudsters and malware from infiltrating your systems and email servers.  

Ibix Global Tech defends against harmful sites and attachments by identifying and blocking suspicious websites in instantaneously, preventing employees from accidentally downloading malware or exposing credentials. 

Send Large Files In One Go

Secure Your Email Servers 

Keeping your email secure is critical for reducing danger and safeguarding your business from a range of hazards. Hazards ranging from spam and viruses to data breaches and spear-phishing attempts, all of which can lead to substantial disruption, decreased productivity, and harm to a brands success. 

Staff may safely transfer large files (up to 2 GB) through their emails using our email security services, eliminating any need for third-party file transfer services which are not governed to your business's safety requirements.  

Affordable Email Protection Subscription

Protect Your Mail With Ibix Global Tech Email Solutions. 

Ibix Global Tech’s cloud-based email services minimize the complexity and costs of attaining advanced mail encryption when you wish to increase mail security considerably. 

Ibix Global Tech's email intelligence services guard against all types of email-borne attacks, both incoming and outgoing. It's easy to install and utilize our subscription-based services in one online dashboard, expanding on current investments through seamless communication with Microsoft Exchange.  



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