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IT Customization

Monitoring of IT infrastructure, automated alarms, and customizable reporting.

IT Management

Management of data centers and networks.

IT Audit

Quick processing of incoming support requests and access to the service site.

Vendor Management

Vendor's negotiating and consulting.

IT Support Capability

We realize how tough it is to achieve the dynamic equilibrium between always developing your organization and keeping up with the newest technological advancements. Hence, Ibix Global Tech deploys skilled experts on your side for the purpose of providing additional assistance and guarantee that your IT infrastructure is in line with your company plan if you want to further develop.  

IT Customized Solutions For You

You may benefit from Ibix Global Tech’s versatile, adaptable IT solutions which are customized to your organization and its continuous developments with Managed IT. We are a global Managed IT provider with many years of expertise managing capital projects and outsource of IT operations. Hundreds of clients from UAE, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Central America have placed their faith in our knowledge and experience.  

Ibix Global Tech’s ‘IT Service Management is made up of two fields: service support and IT help desk. We include all the support processes that are required in order to assure user satisfaction. These procedures are more compliant then technical in nature, and they tackle issues and modifications in the IT Infrastructure.  

Our IT Service and Support is the central point of contact for any IT clients who want to acquire facilities or report issues, which also monitoring and reporting protocols.  

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Our Change Management teams identify potential hazards of specific features, utilize configuration data to discover interconnections and other connected systems and software, and then allow or refuse modifications after evaluating the data.

The aim of our change management teams is to detect and capture program code, operational, and design flaws before they affect consumers. When changes are brought into production processes without affecting business units or consumers, corporations are considered successful. 

Best IT Service Experts

Ibix Global Tech is a managed services provider (MSP) in charge of client IT network management. We can be a member of your in-house IT staff or a full-fledged IT department, according to company objectives and resources. The Ibix Global Tech team brings together the knowledge of a number of professionals. Our Managed IT customers benefit from a complete, customizable system that works at all stages. 

Our Specialties

Networking Services

Data Analytics

Firewall Services

Anti-Virus Protection

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When you choose Ibix Global Tech as your Managed IT provider, you get a sustainable solution with all elements tailored to your company goals. By outsourcing IT planning process and administration, you may reduce the amount of money you spend on your own IT infrastructure and services. 


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