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Antivirus Solutions

Best Antivirus Protection  Suited For Your Business. 

We provide features exclusive to the PC, Mac, Android, and iPhone/iPad where your electronics are always secured. With our customized antivirus solutions, now select between single-device and multi-device security depending on your needs. Furthermore, you also have the option of having various numbers of devices sharing security.  

With Ibix Global Tech’s security, we protect you by instantly rerouting you to trustworthy websites, making sure that you never visit a fake site. It also guards you from compromised networks that redirect you to fake websites by using false DNS settings. 

Behavior Safeguard Now Available

Top Notch Security Solutions From Online Attackers. 

Ibix Gobal Tech customized security solutions protects against all types of online dangers, including phishing and malware. One of the greatest hacking techniques is to create spoof (false) websites. Ibix Global Tech will check the sites you visit for security threats on whatever device you are using, allowing you to buy and purchase safely online from any device. 

Digital Security With The Best Antivirus Solutions

Count failed login attempts over a given period of time and block the IP address associated with these to detect and stop any attacks. Now, you can block all IP addresses that are known to use RDP ports to spread malware. We don’t simply look for viruses in your apps. We’re now keeping a close check on them to make sure they don’t go astray. 

Everything from your credentials to your home data security is checked with a single click of our modern, convenient interface.  

Ibix Global Tech Antivirus Services

We detect critical intelligent threat-detection and additional security at an instant on any of your devices with our added technologies. 


Send suspicious files to the cloud for examination, and if it's a threat, send a cure to all Ibix Global users.

Wi-Fi Detection

Wi-Fi Inspector automatically generates flaws in your personal Wi-Fi network as well as outsiders sharing your connection.

Full Scan

Find all the flaws that enable viruses to infiltrate your system, from risky configurations and credentials to questionable add-ons and outdated software.


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