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Optimize Customer Support With Chatbots. 

Companies can very easily take advantage of this service and run a conversational campaign using a WhatsApp Chatbot. This can surely result in higher sales increased customer engagement. 

With the latest updates, you can also create a self-service chatbot on WhatsApp to guide their customers from onboarding to money transfers. This can decrease call centre costs as well as costs to customers. 

Chatbot integration

Benefit With Chatbots.

Today, most of the interactions happen in social networks and messengers. Ibix Global Tech realizes this and benefits its clients from using of messaging apps to connect with people. 

A simple chatbot can be created which can use a series of defined rules to guide customers through a series of menu options that can help answer their questions. 


Chatbots with Call Center & CRM Integration

Chatbots can easily handle basic user questions and perform simple activities such as password reset initiations. A personalized omni-channel support can be provided from a single interface with a digital cloud contact center solution. 

Why Chatbots with Ibix Global Tech?

Optimized Workflow

Messaging channels can be introduced over a single interface that can enable your agents to handle more than one query at a time.

Cloud Technology

You can operate your contact center anytime, anywhere using a cloud contact center solution.

Performance Management

Productivity and performance can be boosted by analytics and reporting tools that help us identify any obstacles that may appear.

Implement Chatbots to your corporate websites.

Depending on your need, if you are certain that a simple chat interface is the only automation solution you will require, you can have that single interaction. But if you have plans to expand your bot capabilities beyond that, you can explore Ibix Global Tech’s various chatbot solutions that provide automated response in an omni-channel environment. 



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