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By using Our expertise in SAP upgrades and Our commitment to delivering high-quality services, we help our clients take advantage of the latest SAP features and functionality and achieve their desired business outcomes. 

Assessment And Planning​

Our team will assess the client’s current SAP system and plan the upgrade process. This includes identifying any potential impact on the client’s business operations, defining the upgrade scope, and developing a project timeline.


Upgrade Preparation

Our team will prepare the client’s SAP system for the upgrade, including backing up data, preparing the technical environment, and testing the upgrade process.

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Upgrade Execution

Our team will execute the SAP upgrade process, ensuring minimal disruption to the client’s business operations. This includes installing the new SAP software, configuring the new features and functionalities, and migrating the client’s data to the new system.

Testing and Validation

Our team will conduct thorough testing and validation of the upgraded SAP system to ensure it meets the client’s requirements and is functioning as expected. This includes testing the software’s performance, stability, and security.

Training and Support

Our team will provide training and support to the client’s users, to ensure they are fully confident in using the upgraded SAP system. This includes providing on-site training, online training materials, and ongoing support for any questions or issues that arise.


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