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Technology financing is an integral component of every IP telephony endeavor.

When you transition to Snom through Ibix Global Tech as a Service, your clients just pay a monthly charge rather than big upfront payments. This streamlines budgetary control for you and your consumers while also allowing you to substantially fund your company’s technological growth. Leasing or service contracts in IP telephony were previously exclusively available for hardware maintenance. 

Snom Devices That Are Available:
professional D7XX Series
The D3XX Series

Snom’s conference phone is a trustworthy answer that displays the company’s 15-year commitment to telephone innovation. This phone is an effective economic tool that improves cooperation and teamwork by allowing numerous callers to listen and/or speak on the same conversation. Snom’s established voice quality and strong software allow for exceptional audio quality in a hands-free environment. Extension microphones have the ability to increase call coverage in the room. It is critical for users to cooperate in today’s corporate climate. Audio conferencing from Snom with Ibix Global Tech as an official partner is a simple solution that saves time and increases productivity. 

Phone Systems that are Hosted.

A hosted PBX is one in which the provider is in charge of hosting the IP-PBX and managing all of the technology necessary to deliver business services. Calls, signaling, and features are handled by an IP-PBX server located at the provider’s site. The hosted PBX provider costs a monthly subscription that normally includes a certain number of minutes and restricted capabilities. Calls can also be charged on a per-minute basis.  

Snom phones are intended for pros.

The adoption of IP telephony has been greater in the world of management, which includes architectural, construction, advising, accountancy, administrative, and financial industries, than in many other fields. It is extremely crucial for these individuals to be immediately approachable by phone; their businesses’ success depends on it. IP telephony also allows crucial corporate capabilities such as mobility and conference. 

Lower your economic risks and operations costs.

Always the most recent hardware.
Lower your economic risks and operations costs.




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