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As globalization continues and competitiveness heats up, a growing number of small and medium-sized businesses are realizing the need to improve communication efficiency. Traditional hardware video conferencing solutions are sometimes inadequate and excessively expensive for many businesses. At the same time, while considering the current generation of software video conferencing systems, user experience and security remain critical considerations. To meet this market requirement, we created a high-quality, simple-to-use, and cost-effective video conferencing solution tailored for small and medium-sized businesses. 

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Video teleconference quality criteria are quite high, notably in terms of reliability, sound performance, and the ability to transfer material. While many branches meet basic meeting management needs, they may not have IT or administrative professionals on site. As a result, they expect video conferencing to be simple to use and administer. Endpoints must be suited for a broad range of contexts, including small and big conference rooms, computers, mobile endpoints, and so on. To satisfy the conference needs of upstream and downstream partners, devices must be interoperable with standard video conferencing systems. Ibix Global Tech, as a recognized partner of Yealink enables it all to happen for you.  

All-in-One Service

Yealink is continually innovating to create business video conferencing solutions that are simple to use, reliable, user-friendly, and versatile, allowing organizations to achieve better commercial success. The Room Systems VC880, VC800, VC500, and VC200 provide a flexible and protected teleconferencing solution.  

Yealink Zoom services are plug-and-play and feature Zoom zero-touch deployment as well as the Yealink Device Management Platform, which simplifies difficult wiring, reduces installation time, and provides users with a simple and pleasant experience. Yealink solutions for Zoom are fully integrated with Zoom’s systems and provide users with a native Zoom Rooms and Zoom Phone experience. 

Simple administration & installation

The cloud technology solution platform from Yealink enables local network navigation and corporate user management easier than ever before. Employees can create accounts on a variety of devices (including video conferencing terminals, PCs, and mobile devices) to enable interconnectivity and collaboration. Using your smartphone to conduct video conferences is as basic as it gets. Yealink is fully compatible with popular video conferencing systems and enables unrestricted communication across transmission and distribution supply chains.  





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